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Second Passport, Citizenship & Residency in Belize!

You can have a Belize passport in as little as 6 months

We are proud to offer the best alternative for a second passport and residency currently available on the market. Through our direct local contacts we have been able to secure a fast, reliable and secure way of obtaining residency and full citizenship in Belize at the fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Owning a second passport through dual citizenship in another country is an integral part of international diversification. The idea is that no government should have sole power over your life or your assets. If you are the citizen of only one country, as most people are, you are essentially at the mercy of your government. If they decide to jail you or confiscate your assets, most of the time you're on your own.

The most telling example of how second passports have saved lives and assets is during World War II, when thousands of Jews were saved from concentration camps thanks to second passports that they managed to get through diplomats from various European countries. For every Jew who managed to get a protective passport, there were countless others who didn't because of the sheer number of applications.

A more recent example is the revolution in Egypt where many people wanted to leave but the only destinations accessible to these people, due to the origin of their passport, were countries such as Syria where the revolution was in full swing as well.

The fastest, but certainly not the cheapest way, to getting a second passport is through an economic citizenship program, where you essentially buy a second citizenship. These programs often take the form of an investment program where you either invest in real estate or in certain funds as specified by the local goverment. The most well known of these programs is on the island country of St Kitts & Nevis where you make an investment in the country and in return get a St. Kitts passport and citizenship.

How much does a Belize passport cost?
The price is incredibly low at only $9,900 USD

If you're looking for a good dual passport that offers excellent Visa-free travel to Europe and several places in Asia, but you don't want to wait many years or pay tens of thousands of dollars to acquire one, Belize is an excellent option. You can have a Belize passport in as little as 6 months, contact us for further details at: