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Having dual citizenship can help protect your freedom , expand your investment horizons, and even save your life. In an era when governments are imposing more and more draconian regulations on their citizens, a second passport can provide a lifeline for yourself and your family. Having a second passport can dramatically increase your personal and economic freedom.


A second passport and citizenship will give you the peace of mind if you live in a politically volatile part of the world or you fear the loss of your travel privileges. Misfortune always comes when you least expect it. Consider a second passport an insurance policy and part of your tax and estate planning. You need to do it now, because soon it might be too late.

Having dual citizenship,or even multiple citizenships is an important step in internationalizing your life in a way that no one government owns you.Having a second passport and second citizenship could come in handy should an economic collapse or political turmoil strike your home country. It also offers excellent visa free travel worldwide and visas can be obtained easily when required.

Our company provides best second citizenship services, and we have 99.9% success rate for economic citizenship applications. We prepare and compile all the necessary documentation and then submit them to the relevant government department in the country of choice. We, as a licensed agent, are the intermediary between you and the government authorities processing your economic citizenship and the second passport applications. Your second citizenship application will begin as soon as you have paid the minimum 30% advance deposit. Second citizenship applications take 30 days to complete.

Acquire a second passport before it's too late. Protect your assets and wealth by obtaining a second citizenship. Register companies, open bank accounts and travel freely with your new passport. Avoid military service and protect yourself from potential political turmoil and international terrorism.


Reliable, trusted service since 1990

Professional execution of application process

99.9% success rate for applicants

Continued support after successful application

Flexible payment terms 30% advance with remaining balance due

after order completion and delivery ( 30 days)

100% refund in case the applicantion is rejected for any reason

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